Microcontroller controlled alarm system further development.

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Dr. Iváncsy Szabolcs
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

My current project is based on a microcontroller controlled alarm system project, built within limits of personal laboratory subject, and my goal is to fix the defects of the system, as well as improve it.

The system has two modul controlled by AtMega328p-pu microcontrollers. One modul works as a master modul, and able to receive signals from slave module and keep connection with user through graphical display and windows application. Second module is handling sensors and able to notice the fact of breaking in, as well as measuring other data.

The communication is executed by 2-2 receiver and transmitter RF module. The modules can communicate with speed of 1000 bit/s, maximum 10 m far away.

The next parts of the system would be altered:

RSA encryption: the current version of the system do not uses any encryption protocol. For security system it is unacceptable.

Currently the master module is able to control only one slave module, so i would like to increase their number to 2, so that one module would stay the sensor module, and would be able to handle manipulators, such as step motors, accordingly to data coming from master, the second would handle the internet connection and would be able to serve several masters by uploading the data sent by them to the internet.


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