Microcontroller based carbon dioxide and oxygen measuring equipment

OData support
Naszály Gábor
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The appliances for measuring of various types of gases are used more and more diversified. E. g. in the industry it is vital to know the exact concentration of gases because of the production technology. I can mention wine-making, too, where the human safety needs this apparatus. Last but not least I have to mention the appliances for air-conditioning, in which the gas measuring machines help the control.

The reader of this dissertation can see the planning and construction of a carbon-dioxide and oxygen-measurer by help of a microcontroller. The communication between the appliance and the user is realized by the help of a touch-screen display.

At the beginning of my work I had to think it over which kind of appliances are necessary for this work. After choosing the components the task was to draw the schematic, and to make the PCB plan- concerning the attributes of the future construction.

The heart of the panel is a PIC32 microcontroller that processes the data measured by the oxygen and carbon-dioxide sensors. At It is also connected to the controller of the touch-screen via SPI and to the LCD display.

After planning and assembling the hardware, I also realized the software.

That involved testing the UART communication, measuring carbon-dioxide and oxygen concentrations and activating the touch-screen and LCD.

During this work beside planning and constructing the hardware, I have also gained experience in software realization so the reader can follow the phases of planning.


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