Microcontroller based test equipment

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Dr. Pilászy György
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

As a result of the development of microelectronics and telecommunications, telephone networks are used for many new functions as well. These include security and access control functions performed by an entryphone system. These devices, connected to the public - or private branch exchange telephone networks are widely used in building IT systems.

The thesis aim is the development of a microcontroller controlled test equipment. With this test equipment the testing of an entry terminal system’s line interface circuit will be performed.

The first chapter of the thesis is a summary of the concerning parts of the public switched telephone network standards which are necessary for the planning of the needed testing equipment.

The second chapter of the thesis introduces the entryphone system. This chapter includes the description of the entry telephone line interface, too.

The third chapter of the thesis is about the parameters and values which have to be tested with the equipment regarding to the experience and recommondation of the chaptersbefore.

The fourth chapter is about introducing the system plan of the testing equipment.

Last but not least, the fifth chapter discribes the implementation of some pieces of the testing equipment and handles the resulting experiences.


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