Microcontroller based I/O control for DC Power Supply

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Dr. Kádár István
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The introduction describes the reason and the aim of the choice of the theme. The structure of the realized device is presented in the specification part.

The 2nd chapter gives a short overview of the structure of the commonly used microcontrollers and power electric converter circuits in general.

The 3rd chapter of the thesis work deals with the general features, the structure and the operation of the chosen microcontroller, the ATMEL ATmega88, and also the development environment of the AVRs. The used analog and digital components, their settings and operations are also demonstrated.

The program code written for the two-controller system is detailed in the 4th chapter. The software is made using modules: every function has a single module, which contains the program code of the given operation. The details of the software are given by the modules. The descriptions of the program-used registers are in the appendix, while the full source code is stored to the attached CD.

The 5th chapter contains the laboratory investigation of the developed device. The detected faults are listed and their fixing methods are given.


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