Design of microcontroller based stepper motor drive

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Dr. Számel László
Department of Electric Power Engineering

My diploma work's goal is to design an electrical circuit, that is able to drive stepper motors, with the use of a microcontroller.

At the beginning of my thesis I describe the literature, that I studied during my work, including the technicality, the construction, and the various control modes of different stepper motors. Then I introduce the chosen microcontroller.

Then I review the constructed electrical circuit: demonstrate the process, and specify considerations of the constructing. I write here about the scaling (electrical, thermal and mechanical) and about the operational principies of the parts of the construated circuit as well.

The next part of my thesis deals with the structure of the software, that is running on the microcontroller. I describe briefly the functions, that the microcontroller must carry out. (The full code can be seen in the appendix .)

After that, I test the made circuit, and I show the results of tests.

The whole program code, the schematic and the PCB layout of the constructed circuit, and other documents (list of components, datasheets, photos, etc...) are located in the appendix.


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