Microcontroller based lightning system

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Dr. Berényi Richárd
Department of Electronics Technology

In my task I created a microcontroller based lighting system. First my thesis shows the most important features of microcontrollers and the accomplishable functions become clearer. I chose an Arduino for master role and 8-bit AVRs for slaves.

The next step was to creat serial communication between the microcontroller based units. During that my thesis goes deep in available serial communication protocolls and considers their advantages and disadvantages according to my task. The daisy-chained SPI communication was found to be the most suitable so I had a protocol for communication.

My goals were to make the LEDs dimmable, and to create a user friendly and efficient interface for controlling the LEDs. The AVR microcontroller’s PWM output was the solution for the first task and LabVIEW was the solution for the interface, because Arduino is supported by LabVIEW.

After the programming and circuit design my prototypes were manufactured and ready to test their functions. I tried to develop a LED driver which uses the AVR microcontroller to limit the LED’s current. In the future there are potentials in adjusting the controlling.


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