Microcontroller-driven car and controlling mobile application

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Dr. Forstner Bertalan
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays the microcontroller-based, mobile-application controlled gadgets are getting more and more popular – such as household tools or consumer electronics products. Another emerging technological topic is the development of softwares for self-driving cars. This project is the combination of these two trends – a car with self-driving features, controlled by a mobile app. My task was to build a car, place the sensors on it that are essential for the features, and to design a supplementary circuit for the microcontroller that controls the car. Besides these, I made a mobile application that communicates with the microcontroller, thus making it possible to send commands to the car and receive data from it. The car should be able to send its current state to the app - e.g. the current measured distances. Also, it needs to be able to make driving decisions, meaning that given the car's current speed, its steering angle, its position and the measured points around it, it has to be able to decide about updating the speed and the steering angle to prevent crashes.


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