Microprocessor Drive System Design for Electric Racecar

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Dr. Balázs Gergely György
Department of Electric Power Engineering

This thesis presents the basic knowledge and necessary steps, which is required to electric car traction inverter design, through a practical example. In this paper inverter is designed to be used on campus wheel hub motor racing project.

The paper briefly introduce constraints on competition rules, which are required to inverter designing, and I review the existing parts and requested but not yet received parts, and, in addition, major equipment, such as the battery pack, the engines and racing car. Also described are guidelines and restrictions set by the team.

After describing the boundary conditions I present the opportunities for low-voltage and high-voltage component implementations, as well as the possible controls. They selected the best ones are present in the system plan preparation as well.

The design of the system components, sizing and design is a series of schematic diagram arises in the course of which.


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