Possible applications for microprojectors in mobile phones

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Schulcz Róbert
Department of Networked Systems and Services

Today we live the golden age of technology. The evolution is not only fast, but accelerating. This is greatly observable on mobile phones too; the originally suitcase-sized devices shrank to palm size whilst the number of functions increased significantly.

The mobile phone market is huge; in 2011 there were 6 billion actively used mobile phones around the world, which will reach 9 billion in 2017 according to Ericsson[1]. On a market with this size, huge income can be made with a proper innovation.

The evolution does not avoid the projectors of course, they are getting smaller and smaller and the performance compared to their size is increasing. Today, we are able to manufacture so tiny projectors that can be integrated to mobile phones without the weight or size of the phone would increase significantly.

In my thesis I will examine the evolution of the mobile phones along with a possible next step, the usage of micro projector and the possibilities of them. I will sketch up some from the possibilities, chose one from them and do the development of the application. I will get to a conclusion and suggest further improvements.


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