Development of a microcomputer-based solar tracking system

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Dr. Csurgai-Horváth László
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

A solar tracker system boosts the efficiency of a solar power plant. The main idea comes from the relation of the radiation and generation of the electrical energy by the solar cell. The path motion of the Sun and cloudy sky are main sources of problem, it’s why we tried to prepare a laboratory environment to simulate the real environment and compare the efficiency of a solar system with or without tracking. The sunlight was modelled by a light bulb and a movement mechanism applied by using a servo motor with microcomputer-based controlling to move the solar panel. Here, for case of the using solar tracker system the photovoltaic (PV) is faced to the light lamp but for without solar tracker case we simulate the PV to have motion from east to west. Result is very close to the previous results from another researcher. The efficiency with tracking has increased by 19.88% while without tracking the results are between 10% to 25%, so, it means our result is good. As conclusion, the solar tracker is the most important system that can be used to improve generating the electricity by the PV. Obviously, it is very suitable to use in those locations where the Sun radiates by lower angles.


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