Software design for microcontroller-based wind instrument for sailng purposes

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Lois László Dr.
Department of Networked Systems and Services

Sailing is one of the earliest kinds of transportation. Methods to become faster than others have been always in the center of interest. It was necessary to be the first to explore a new territory or to get out of the enemy lines. Nowadays sailing is one of the sports of the Modern Olympics. In cruising it is also important to use the wind’s force as efficiently as possible. For this reason Wind Instruments are used.

Digital instruments are mainly produced for larger, luxury ships which are sailing the seas. However, for smaller sailing ships - especially for those which have been used on lakes – no affordable solution is available.

As the writer of this paper is also sailing on the Lake Balaton, the main purpose of this paper is to design the software architecture of a general purpose sailing wind instrument which can serve the needs of the sailors of the lakes.

All previous prototypes are also introduced. The soul of the system has always been an AVR based microcontroller. After some improvements the final version could do all the calculations that were required. The role, the structure and the operation of each system is discussed in details.

The operating manual helps the users to handle the device easily.

The final conclusion is that some devices are relatively expensive but the original requirements can be fulfilled.


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