Simulation of millimeter wave adaptive mesh networks

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Dr. Bitó János
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

In today's context, amongst many, research and development on new, fifth generation mobile radio communication networks give more and more emphasis on millimeter wave networks. In this frequency range, besides already familiar factors, new considerations come in frame, including effect of precipitation on wave propagation, or disturbant effect of interference of the reason of the wide band. From monitoring network performance, it is possible to give an estimation or prediction on future runoff of the disturbing effects, so that these effects can be eliminated to a certain degree. This thesis aims to study different disturbant effects and possible prediction possibilities of these effects of meteorological phenomena or interference, keeping an eye on the fact, that it is possible to prepare the network for known disturbancies, and with that it is possible to decrease energy consupmtion of the network, so that the principle of green communication shows off. The study happens through simulations written in MATLAB framework.


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