Mini wind farm planning

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Dr. Számel László
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Recently, the importance of renewable energy resources for the world’s energy supply is increasing. These not only contribute as an environmentally friendly solution to humanity’s energy-need, but a domestic power plant is also able to provide energy for buildings with no mains electricity. Farms, holiday cottages, hunting resorts, wine cellars, and many other types of buildings exist, where mains electricity supply is not resolved, but there is a need for a certain amount of electric power, take lighting as an example. In case of such buildings, the minimization of consumption is an important issue, for example by using LED instead of incandescent light bulbs. The small wind power station that I designed is able to provide a few tens of watts for lighting or for other low consumption or power saving equipment. First of all, the energy coming from the wind power needs to be transformed into a circulating movement, then, the circulating movement’s mechanical energy has to be transformed into electric energy and finally the storage and the recovery of the energy needs to be resolved, so the consumptive can function independently from the weather. In this thesis I am going to elaborate the behaviour of the wind, the types and properties of the devices that transform the wind into rotation (referred to as turbines from now on), the regulation and properties of the generators that produce electric energy, the batteries that make the storage of energy possible and the electrical device that provides a stable output of 12 V for the consumer.


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