Extending Mininet with Network Monitoring and Management functionality

OData support
Németh Felicián Bálint
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The world of computer networks evolves in an amazing pace. The markets are in fact enforces this fast evolution. This, however, requires new innovations to be researched and tested in a timely manner. Programmable switches and their OpenFlow control protocol are a key to this rapid development. Moreover, the lightweight visualization of the Mininet application enables researchers and application developers to emulate an OpenFlow network of hundreds of nodes on a single personal computer.

However, available OpenFlow capable monitoring and management applications have many limits. Limitations come form network size they can handle, the network devices they can communicate with, and the functionality they provide. Additionally, some applications are cumbersome to use.

In this thesis, I design and implement an extension to a Mininet application called MiniEdit to enhance its monitoring and management capabilities. The first part of the work provides an introduction to the OpenFlow protocol and summaries two monitoring and management applications. The second part gives an overview of Mininet and MiniEdit. The design and implementation details of my MiniEdit extensions are in Chapter 4. The extensions are as follows: change link's state, show port and flow statistics, show link's bandwidth histogram, save and reload network, emulate with different controllers. The next Chapter demonstrates the extended MiniEdit through a step-by-step usage example.


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