Quality assured Java EE application

OData support
Dévai István Zoltán
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In a business environment, one of today’s most used and well-known software development platform is the Java Entreprise Edition. My primary goal was to prepare a ticketing application that supports development processes, thus gaining further understanding of the use of JavaEE.

My other aim was to familiarise myself with the testing methods of JavaEE applications, and therefore ensure that my application meets the specification. Moreover, with adding a monitoring system to my own application, I was seeking to found its efficient operation.

In my thesis I will introduce the JavaEE technology with specific details about the operation of the components used througout my work. Secondly, I will shortly illustrate how the quality assurance of certain softwares is possible both during the development and the operation stages. I will also show in details how the ticketing application was planned, implemented and tested.

Finally, I will explain the features and implementation of the monitoring system. As a conclusion, I will provide a short summary of my experiences and developed abilities.


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