Optimiztaion of sample preparation process

OData support
Dr. Hurtony Tamás József
Department of Electronics Technology

My study is about determining the optimal parameters of sample preparation process. I also succeeded in mapping and classifying parameters that damages the devices examined.

I reviewed sample preparation methods used during the failure analysis of electric devices and tools. Besides I inquired into the basic literature that deals with their examination.

I acquainted with the measuring technique of printed-circuit board mechanical stress, especially with the strain gauge measurement methods.

With experiments I successfully attempted to find out how sample preparation process used for metallographyc tests effects mechanically samples to be tested.

I implemented strain gage tests on the printed-circuit board to characterize potential high-stress-inducing processes for maximum stresses and make sure they are below the allowed limit.

For the measurement I used USB-9237 module produced by National Instruments from the NI C series. I utilized NI-DAQmx driver software as well as NI LabVIEWSignalExpress measurement software, both packed with the device.

After I have acquired the raw strain data, I analyzed the measured data in order to calculate resultant stresses induced on the board during the test, I deducted the appropriate consclusions.


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