Automatised sample process tracking in medical diagnostics laboratory

OData support
Dr. Ender Ferenc
Department of Electron Devices

The LIMS is a great opportunity to laboratories, especially if there wasn’t any sample mana-ging system before, or the samples were registered and tracked by hand. The electronic sys-tems have an advantage, that they are forcing the lab workers to create documentation, and track the samples orderly. Though these systems are really useful compared to the traditionnally sample managing, the human factor is still too high. For example we need to control the PC, since it doesn’t know, what we have done in the lab. The application of smart devices attempt to solve this problem, so that the PC’s display becomes an information desk, and the smart devices upload the data to database by themselves, the lab workers don’t have to spend time with administrative efforts, they have more time for the research.

In the first phase of the project I’ve created some module, which has a general functionality. Since the hardware weren’t ready, I had to simulate them. This semester the colleges finished with the development of hardware, so we could start testing the real functionality of the system. After corrections and redesigns I worked on the integration of the modules created in the first phase of the project to have a large web application. In the next semester I will have to finish this work, and then the team can begin an integrated system test. After this I’m going to create the mobile application to the system, which is described in the thesis requirements.


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