Here and now – Location aware task organizer web application with mobile support

OData support
Gincsai Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Prioritizing tasks and doing most of them in a given timeframe - there is always a place for improvement. However it is not keeping a list for the tasks, that could really make a difference, but having the opportunity to check which tasks could be settled in the current vicinity, would sometimes be enormously helpful while planning.

There are solutions for this issue for practically every platform, starting from the really basic task-lists to the most complex shared calendars. However, keeping the stored data up to date between platforms could be hardly achieved. Also most of them doesn’t support overviewing tasks on a map at all.

The aim of this thesis is to present a multi-platform task organizer application which provides the same data on every device it may be used. Moreover, it should provide a snapshot of the locations where the tasks should be carried out.

The platform independent operation is provided by guaranteed by the web application format, as – at the time this thesis is written – the mobile internet access is widespread and a broad range of devices are capable to access an application that is located on the internet.

These aims and goals bring several challenges and create some very strict requirements towards the application. To provide compatibility with a really wide range of devices, there can be no deviation from the web standards and at the designing and implementation phases special attention must be paid for the handheld devices which have limited screen space.

During this thesis the founding technologies of the application are going to be presented along with the detailed specification, the architectural design, the database design, the steps of building a usable graphical interface and the actual implementation and functions of the finished application.


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