Programming of the Mitsubishi RV-3SDB robot

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Oláh István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

This thesis report describes an improvement of Mitsubishi MELFA industrial robot system of the department BME-AAIT. Currently the system is able to make predetermined movements according to the selected robot program. However, a vision system or at least some external sensors are always necessary in automation industry. These sensors are able to scan the surrounding area and increase the working precision, so that the system is much more flexible and more complicated problems can be solved.

The first part of this report is a description about the communication interfaces and the different methods of controlling the MELFA robot. After that I give detailed information about vision sensors in the industry, furthermore, installation and configuration of a professional vision system. Finally, some individual vision system solution is introduced.

In addition, a PC and a robot application is created according to previous plans. With the PC application a vision system demonstration can be done, in which the robot system can react on changes of the external environment. A USB camera is placed over the working desk giving a top view of the desk. On the working desk a „Nine Men’s Morris” game board is placed with all the necessary game accessories. The application analyses the picture frames of the USB camera, so it can monitor the actual state of the game. This information makes it possible to control the movement of MELFA robot.

As I mentioned before, a robot application is also created. Its only task is to get simple commands coming from PC side, than sending the necessary robot commands to the robot. In the second part of my thesis I am going to introduce the image processing possibilities and solutions. Finally, detailed information is given about the constructed PC client and robot applications.


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