Programming of the Mitsubishi RV-3SDB robot

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Oláh István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The thesis was completed at the Department of Automatisation and Applied Informatics at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics and at AxiCont Industrial Automatisation Ltd.

The main task was to gain comprehensive knowledge in the field of the most current industrial robots and to get an insight view into their programming through the cognition of a chosen type. For this reason the Mitsubishi RV-3SDB robot was available at the department.

In addition the definition and exact determination of a measurement configuration was necessary for the compulsory laboratory practice in the specialization of the Master course. Providing the students a certain manual should they become to be able of understanding the basics of industrial robot programming and working with a certain type should they be able to form and gain a basic view of the functions of industrial robots. A relevant part of the thesis was the planning of the hardware elements that are needed for the mentioned laboratory practice and the manufacturing of the programs and guidelines.

In the second phase of the thesis writing I had the opportunity to extend my knowledge of robot programming in practice within the frames of a project at the company. Additionally I manufactured the relevant elements for the laboratory practice here.

A prevalent type of industrially used robots is the six sectioned robot arm which is the same type as the Mitsubishi that can be found in the laboratory. It is a common example from the production line that the work piece is travelling on a conveyer belt or palette to the work station and the robot arm takes over the completion of the procedure from here. Within the frames of the measurement exercise I established the aim of modelling of such an industrial environment most precisely.


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