Remote access and management of Mitsubishi robots from mobile platform

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Oláh István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays, the industrial assembly robots are increasingly spreading in factory automation. The broad model range for all needs and the economy compared to the human work made them widely used. It can be useful to extract, record and send information quickly about the current program line, status information, error details or parameters, even though the robot system is under installation or it has already been in operation. I developed a mobile monitoring application for Mitsubishi MELFA robots that is detailed in the thesis.

I worked with my thesis cooperating with Axicont Ltd. who owns this topic. I provide a solution to their needs with my application. I developed this app to the Google owned Android platform because it is the most used mobile operation system in Hungary and around the world now. The network communication is based on Telnet using the same protocol as the RT ToolBox2 robot software. The most important monitoring functions have been implemented in the app.

Firstly I introduce the elements and features of the Mitsubishi MELFA robot family. I give an overview of the communication opportunities of robots highlighting the external control methods. Then I introduce the task relevant capabilities of the Android platform and I list the benefits and drawbacks of the different solutions. After outlining the design specification I explain the issues and decisions arising in the planning. Then I lay out the details of my application implementation. It is followed by a user manual helping both users as well as developers who want to continue this task. In the end of the thesis, I describe the testing of the application, summarize the results and finally I analyze the further development opportunities.


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