Development of mobile IoT module

OData support
Dr. Blázovics László
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

This diploma thesis describes, what is the motivation behind its primary task, what is the reason for existence and what devices can be used to solve the problem.

It will show you what problems we face if we want to collect data on a variety of different devices, we try to find solutions for time synchronisation and review the possible solutions.

It shows what possible ways are to communicating between devices using Wi-Fi and it provides a small overview of them.

Then we will see the selected device, what is capable for with its built-in Wi-Fi in the static case, what are the possible limit of it and what are the solutions for it. Here, we will measure the Wi-Fi module’s performance, and we will see the differences between the AP types. Then we will see if the circumstances will change by moving the devices, first to the client side, then to the AP.

Finally, we will look at a case study, where we will discuss the previously mentioned solutions for why it might be good or why not, then a ready-made solution will be shown.


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