Development of a Mobile Data Collection Unit

OData support
Varga Lajos
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

Nowadays the remote controlled autonomously working reconnaissance mobile vehicles are becoming more and more important. Mobile vehicles are preferred for military and bomb-disposal purposes, but in recent years multiple data collection units have been sent to Planet Mars as well. The biggest advantage of the mobile data collection unit is that it is not necessary to send personnel to the remote mapping area.

The task is to design and build the control electronics responsible for the camera rotation and the movement of the data collection unit as well as to develop the embedded software. The mobile data collection unit can be controlled remotely through a wireless connection (WIFI, and an additional 433 MHz ISM band radio connection to extend the range); furthermore it can provide a live video stream and other measurement data (temperature, location information, telemetry data) to the operators while it is moving on smooth terrain.

In this thesis the steps of designing and building the hardware as well as the software of the microcontroller and the Raspberry Pi module what is used for streaming the live video and establish the WIFI connection and the Matlab client program are presented in detail.


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