Mobile based content management system

OData support
Kaszó Márk
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Within my thesis the way of designing, developing and implementing of a Content Managment System framework based on iOS will be introcued. Our goal is to create a CMS framework which completly satisfies the main functions of a CMS, and in addition to this, can be easily customized to personal demands. There are several commonly used software techniques, patterns, which helped me in the perparation of effective solutions. Being known we work on iOS, there are also a number of rules, conventions created by Apple, which should be well known. Furthermore the speciality of Objective C and the framework Cocoa should be clear, and should be widely used during the implementation. Through my work I used many specific iOS techniques, such as push notification, persistant store strategies and opportunities offered by Apple for distributing, testing forms will be also presented. For mobile applications navigation is a determining factor, so the design decisions in this regard, specific solutions are detailed. A mobile application is usually just part of a larger client-server architecture, where the mobile device communicates with a server. After the presentation of our architecture, I specify all processes of the application, including screen designs and development challenges.


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