Mobile application for recognition of multiple QR-codes on camera picture

OData support
Engedy István Tamás
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Nowadays, smartphones are part of our daily routine. It happens regularly that when we want to transfer some data into our computer, for example a web address, or a code of a product we would like to buy. One of the most commonly used ways to get these pieces of information is to use QR codes which is are reachable by using the camera of a smarthphone in just no more than a sec.

Most of the QR code recognition applications use an open source library to perform the detection and recognition of image proccessing and coding. These libraries deal with only one QR codes at a time so they don’t support the recognition of more than one codes concurrently. But the use of QR codes is conceivable, when we need to recognise more than one.

I created an Android based application in my thesis, which is able to recognise more than one QR codes as i have mentioned previously. I expanded the Zxing library to make it able to recognize more codes simultaneously.

This task becomes more difficult when we want to accomplish it on a mobile device which has limited resources. We have to take into consideration the computing complexity of the algorhitm because of it’s finite computing capacity and fast draining battery.


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