Mobile flowmeter bench control and data logger software development

OData support
Dr. Csubák Tibor
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

For pharmaceutical companies, chemical factories, car factories it is very important that obtained products are accordance with the quality insurance requirements and will reach high quality. During production there are a lot of measurement devices in use.

Checking the accuracy of values indicated on digital or mechanical displays by measurement deives, namely the calibration, it is an advantaged quality insurance job. Calibration laboratories provide these industrial services, and one of them is the TisaTest Measurements Ltd.

The main profile of TisaTest Measurements Ltd. is calibration of different probes, measurement devices, among others flow meters used in batch-system process engineering applied in pharmaceuticals. Beside several laboratory benches, the company improve their offer with a mobile flow bench. In this thesis my exercise was the implementation of the software of this bench. During this time several electrical and mechanical challenge revealed to me. I got detailed insight into types of electrical sign output used in industry, construction of a SCADA system, and the operation of a digital communication (Modbus). For the software development beside knowing the flow meters operate on different principle I needed deep knowledge of calibration processes. Furthermore I got metrology skills, by this I could carry out the calculation of uncertainty of measurement.

After measurement fulfilled calibration certificate enables either to assign the right values of the measurand quantity to the indications of the measurement device, either to determine the right corrections of the indications. By this production processes become even more accurate, controllable, and the manufacturing of potential failed product may reducible.


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