Mobile crowd-sourcing applications over XMPP

OData support
Dr. Szabó Róbert
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The widedpread usage of smartphones and constant access to the Internet are opening up new opportunities for sensory systems based on data gained from users in the community-based. A lot of information could be generated with the help of users, that would be resource-intensive otherwise. Take for example, objects around the user, are like that and the collection of relevant information. To gain access to the information, other relevant information should be shared with the users.

The focus of the project is a specific area, that is the implementation of real-time passenger information system based on the community. The thesis provides an overview of the necessary technologies, and other relevant open source operation system.

In the first part the XMPP technology is presented as well as the open-source BuddyCloud system that we first evaluated for use. As we learned that BuddyCloud is not suitable for a flexible participatory sensing platform we explored other alternatives available.

In the second part of the thesis an application that I described and implemented is designed in full details, which works together with a server supporting XMPP protocol through which using XMPP protocol's publish-subscribe interaction scheme. Including my thesis I show the connecting to the server, the channel management functions, sending, receiving, processing and visualization of these messages.

I performed both functional and performance tests for the componenets I designed. In summary, I can say that an XMPP protocol based participatory sensing system showed promissing performance results. Our intention is to publicly realase our real time traffic information application to gain real word usage statistics in the near future. Finally, I made recommendations for further development of the application.


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