Development of a mobile digital signature application

OData support
Dr. Buttyán Levente
Department of Networked Systems and Services

Information technology can make our life easier in many ways. With the spread of mobile devices the leading-edge technology is now within reach of everyone. Smartphones can be of assistance to us in almost every aspect of our lives, for example in administrating official businesses, creating and verifying certified documents. Many individuals and companies in Hungary often use the solutions of Microsec Ltd. for creating electronic signatures and managing signed documents, such as the e-Szigno software and the e-Dossier format. However e-Szigno is not available on mobile platforms yet.

The software developed by me makes the major functions of e-Szigno available on smartphones running Android operating systems. The application relies on the web-Szigno service to create and alter e-Dossiers and manage documents, it can also electronically sign them and validate signatures with the integration of PassBy[ME].

Using the application you can perform most of the basic operations on e-Dossiers, however it still has several attributes with opportunities for improvement. Later on there may be a need to implement more web-Szigno functions along with the refinement of the user interface.


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