Applying Mobile Technology in the Field of Museum Pedagogy

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Dr. Forstner Bertalan
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The goal of this master thesis is to present the design of a mobile application that the visitors will use in a museum.

In my thesis I clear up the concept of museum pedagogy, I present what challenges were brought up when somebody works with a customer and other partners (e.g. graphical designers) and of course I am analyzing my solutions I used in order to ease the team work.

Most of my work is related to Android based software engineering. The goal was to try and analyze more technologies and tools in order to be able to choose the most appropriate for this case.

I think that software quality is extremely important during the shipment process, as well. This is the reason why I intended a big part in my thesis to quality assurance which is provided by automated unit tests and quality control which is provided by UI tests where I also kept in mind the importance of automation.

The delivered application has several possible improvements. In the end of my thesis I analyze the different further development directions, I present the benefits, the drawbacks and the business and technical potentials, as well.


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