Estimation of remaining battery time on Android devices

OData support
Gáspár Csaba
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Nowadays our smartphones' capabilities can be compared to the computers that were called "high-end" just some years ago, but now we carry this performance in our pocket. Every activity which we could only imagine on a personal computer in the past, now can be performed on our phone, even more easily and more conveniently. But the large display, the high-performance CPU, the network usage, all of them consume lots of power, and the battery's capacity obviously has its limits.

Android is the leader operating system on the smartphone market. It is an opensource, flexible system, which has a well-documented application programming interface. That makes getting and collecting the device's settings and parameters quite easy.

My thesis is about the battery usage of Android-based phones. My goal is to build a general estimation method for remaining battery time based on the device's current settings. The base of the estimation will be data mining methods.

The implementation consists of an Android application, which continuously collects data in the background, and a Java-based server. The client sends the data to the server, which will be analyzed with a free, open-source data-mining software, RapidMiner.

Finally, I use the results for improving the estimation, which can be refreshed on the clients, so they can always give the most precise estimation.


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