Ananlisys of critical points of a mobile backbone network with automatized procedures

OData support
Dr. Maliosz Markosz
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Mobile service providers focus more on the optimization of their mobile core network because they need more resource to follow the new technologies, so they try to minimalize the cost of the development of their old mobile core network. Therefore, service providers seek to exploit the existing capacity and new investments are made after a lot of considerations. By developing an effective network optimization process, rapid and targeted interventions could be made in the network. The network structure discovery and the identification of traffic types in the network can be easily automated, thus providing a constant source of data for the optimization process. Unfortunately, the architecture of the existing network design tool is not modular enough to be easily expanded with new features, but it calculates a lot of values with network dimensioning algorithms to help the detection of critical points. Finding the critical values can be done with analyzing the earlier defined data reports, forecasts or with an automated alarm system. During the prototype development my questions regarding the optimization process automation were answered so I was able to formulate possible development directions. The automated operation allows the operators to react immediately to changes in the network, which is shown in the last section through three case studies.


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