Access network dimensioning in mobile networks

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Benkő Borbála Katalin
Department of Networked Systems and Services

My thesis is about the efficient real traffic measurement and the dimensioning of the most critical terrestrial interface of the UMTS Terrestial Radio Networks, called Iub. From the operator’s point of view, the efficient dimensioning of the Iub interface is very important, since there can be thousands of Node-Bs in the network and their connections represent a significant part of the total network cost.

Firstly I wrote about the theoritical bases of real traffic measurement and dimensioning of the Iub interface. I described the protocol architecture of the interface, the methodology of how to meet the QoS requirements, the attributes of the supported radio access bearers and the literature of the IP and ATM based dimensioning and calculation of real traffic.

Secondly I wrote about the planning and the implementation of the algorithm connected to Ericssons ETRAN network planner application, which calculates the traffic of the physical connections of a real mobile network based on measured data and can generate different reports based on the calculated traffic.

Lastly I described the planning and the implementation of a method which approximates the presently used method based on the Kaufmann-Roberts algorithm for dimensioning the radio access networks. The last paragraph of my thesis is about the testing of the approximation method designed by me from the point of accuracy and calculation time.

The implemented real traffic measurement method is already the part of the ETRAN, thus those network planners of the mobile service providers who work with ETRAN can use it while analyzing and designing their networks. The implemented approximation algorithm can be used in researching new dimensioning methods with statistical approximation.


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