Mobile Location-based Organizer Application for Android

OData support
Dr. Forstner Bertalan
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In the recent years, there was a great revolution in information technology regarding user habits. To date, people have used their personal computers or laptops to accomplish everyday tasks, but mobile devices are gradually taking over their roles these days. No surprise, it is getting more common in our fast-paced world that people take care of their to-dos in an electronic way, for instance, by using the internet. It is quite obvious that it requires high degree of mobility. Laptops can’t fully satisfy this need any more and if we also take into consideration that the performance of most recent generation of smartphones are getting closer and closer to that of laptops, we can easily understand why experts anticipate that mobile devices will soon replace personal computers in this field of usage.

This recognition inspired me to pick designing an application as the goal of my thesis, an application that is useful in everyday’s life and is based on actual needs. I visualized a system which is similar to nowadays’ prosperous applications regarding its architecture but still has something to add to already existing solutions. This gave me the idea to design an organizer application, based on server-client architecture and implement its working prototype afterwards. To make the task more unique, I chose the theme of the application to be in connection with weddings. Besides the simple organizing features, I decided to include some kind of location-based ones as well, to make use of the hardware capabilities of today’s smartphones.

In my thesis, I explain what kind of criteria made me choose the implementation platforms of the application, what designing steps helped me to get closer to the solution and what kind of techniques I used to successfully implement the prototypes of the server-side and client component of the application.


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