The evolution of mobile internet architecture

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Faigl Zoltán
Department of Networked Systems and Services

The mobile operator companies have to face a huge growth of the packet-switched data traffic in the near future. The source of the expansion are the changes in subscribers use and the increasing capabilities of user equipments and other industrial intelligent systems’ machine-to-machine data traffic. One of the main aims of this Thesis Project is to present an exact, mathematical method to model the infrastructure of a telco operator, what can help the design of the network to fulfill the upcoming traffic demands. We will try to find some relationships between the centralized or distributed architecture of a network and the traffic demand and cost paramters.

Next we will give an overview about a possibly path of advancing of the telecommunication, which way already has proved its worthiness in other areas of information technology. This way is the virtualization of a system, and – in our case – of a network. Following the virtualization it is obvious to take a look on one of the popularest data storing and processing model nowadays, the concept of cloud services and its impact on the telco operators. We will try to find some solution to the design problems caused by the increasing traffic demands.


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