Design and development of power socket with WiFi and mobile support

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays the needs for home automation and for SmartHome solutions are highly increasing, wich means, you can control your household appliances with a central controller unit. In my thesis work, I developed further an existing hardvare with Internet control possibilities, and I also made a complex software package for controlling.

I think it has a huge potential, to controll your devices and to top it all, you can do it when you sitting on your couch, or you are on holiday at different continent.

First off all, the documentation explains what inspired the preparation of device, then introduces the requirements. The Bluetooth communication is significant part of my work, so I introduce it in details in literature review chapter. In that chapter I compare the mobile platforms then explaine my choiche. In the chapter about planning I explain the most important steps of architectural design. Following the steps of exact implementation. In addition I made a web interface for controlling units. After that, we can find the user manual documentation. The last chapter of my thesis work summarizes the one year work, and proposes further developement directions.

The described software components was actually developed and tested. The components are operating according to the specification.


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