Framework for handling mobile client applications

OData support
Dr. Szűcs Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

SAP Mobile Application Framework (MAF) provides libraries that help SAP mobile application developers to build packaged mobile applications that are extensible. During the implementation of a mobile application, the developers must create a wide number of configuration files, with different type of complexity.

In order to be able to view/create/modify these configuration files, and to reduce the time frame of the development process, a new tool was needed, what I named Mobile Application Workbench (MAW). This document provides an insight into the design, implementation and usage of the tool.

Before starting the implementation, I did some researching, in order to find out what kind of other tools can be found on the market with the same capabilities. Studying these applications helped me a lot to understand, how it’s worth to build a tool with such profile, and what kind of functionalities are required from the perspective of a developer.

The application designed by myself, helps the work of mobile developers to change the SAP supplied configuration files. As part of the implementation, the configured files can be exported and uploaded to a server, from where the connected mobile clients can download it.

Some of the key benefits of Mobile Application Workbench is, providing one place to view the complete metadata for a mobile application, enabling an easy way to do customer extensions on the mobile application and offering enterprise-class supportability. Also, it is important that enables the configuration of functionalities and design without changing the source code of mobile applications.


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