Mobile client for a cloud based encrypted data storage system

OData support
Dr. Buttyán Levente
Department of Networked Systems and Services

In the past few years even the average users possess more personal informatical tools due to the dramatic decrease of the price of entertaining electronic devices. During the use of these tools a demand appeared for the mobility of the stored data among these devices. One of the most convinient solutions for this problem is to store them in cloud.

This option has several benefits but it also raises some security questions. An especially interesting problem is how to protect the user’s sensitive data from the cloud supplier itself. One of the solutions is to encrypt the data on the client’s side before it is uploaded. This leads us to the concept of the encrypted data storage systems.

With the spread of the smartphones and tablets a demand appeared for the data stored at the cloud suppliers to be available anywhere in the world from a mobile device and not just from a desktop client.

The topic I have chosen for my thesis is the development of a mobile client which enables the connection to an encrypted cloud data storage system. This application must be able to connect to the cloud service, then download, decode and visualize the user’s data.

I worked on my project in co-operation with Tresorit Kft which develops a secure cloud based data storage system. I complete their solutions with an iOS client. Therefore I utilized the C and C++ folders developed by the company.

In order to execute my project first I had to understand the cloud based data storage systems as well as the problems and solutions of encrypted data storages. As part of this I analyze the already existing suppliers and also the mobile clients developed for them. After identifying the necessary functions I develop a system plan.

In order to prepare a successful and well-functioning application one needs to understand the details of the iOS platform that is chosen for the development as well as the Objective-C language that comes with the platform. It is the only way for me to produce an application that provides the required services while gives an experience the Apple users are already used to.


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