Design and development of a mobile client for a web application with rule based automatisms

OData support
Dr. Goldschmidt Balázs
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Lately more and more people have smartphones. They use it for a variety of tasks, previously done using other, different devices, like taking a photograph, listening to music or even browsing the web. These tasks can be done now with a single device.

The evolution of phones greatly simplified the day-to-day activities in many people’s life. For example, users no longer have to keep separate notes about things to do, instead they can store it in their phone, and can be reminded of them in a glance.

Most of the existing solutions require the active participation of the user, in the previous example; the user may simply forget to check the stored reminders on their phone. I’m looking to create an application, which acts on its on, based on a set of rules (determined by the user), instead of waiting for input. Continuing the reminder example, the application could send notifications about an item on the list, based on its actuality, therefore actively helping the user.

The goal of my thesis is to find an answer for this problem, by creating a mobile-based solution, using a web service, which provides rule-based automation. To achieve this goal first I choose a mobile platform, suitable for this application. The next step after choosing the platform is designing and implementing the application.

During the development of the mobile application, I also created a benchmarking tool, aimed at simulating different load patterns for the web service. This tool is capable of simulating different number of connections, and measures the average response times for each test case. This measurement is of paramount importance, as it both provides invaluable data in the development of the web service and sheds some light on the details of the asynchronous messaging used to communicate with the service.

The web service is being developed by my colleague, Jánoky László Viktor[6] software engineering student. There are some cases, where the explanation of the server side is necessary to understand parts of the mobile application, these parts I’ll mark clearly, so it can be distinguished from my thesis.


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