Development of mobile client for web content system

OData support
Dr. Forstner Bertalan
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Internet news sites are very popular nowadays. They are claimed to be overtaking the position of printed press in the media. The neglecting of papers certainly has its price. First of all there has to be some kind of computer device, which makes reading possible. Today’s computers are already really small and there are the cell phones and so called smartphones, which are capable of displaying complex websites using their mobile browsers. Many internet news providers already have their mobile clients, which show and maintain the content the way preferred by the content provider.

In this thesis I present the engineering and developing steps of a mobile client for a Hungarian news provider using the Qt Framework for Symbian, which framework was intended to make developement easier on the platform. In this thesis all the important parts, services and even the shortcomings of this system are presented.

The client application is capable of downloading content from the provider’s website and putting it in to the database created on the device’s flash memory. From this database, data is ready to be taken out and be shown on the screen. The content of the portal is shown the way the user wishes. Some settings are adjustable to personalise the application. The software supports more than one issues from this content provider. Every issue has it’s own design. The application supports the viewing of front pages, headings, articles, galleries and the searching for articles.


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