Supporting field jobs via mobile based software solution

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

The topic of my diploma work is Supporting field jobs via mobile based software solution. I elaborated my solution during a project, which aimed to extend some capabilities of current Asset and Work Management system (IBM Tivoli MAXIMO) to mobile devices. I have researched literature, and got acquainted with mobile softwares available on the market, which are capable of supporting field work. I have investigated their advantages and shortcomings. The Syclo SMART Mobile Suite has been selected and I have done the necessary steps of installation and configuration, to create an environment, where the application of Syclo Work Manager can be developed and tested. The application is able to cooperate with the central system in an integrated way, and the wide array of it’s functionalities cover numerous business processes, which were previously possible to achieve exclusively by the central system.

Significant part of my work was to design and implement a work execution process, which covers the work necessary for condition assessment of transmission lines, the most part of which must be done in the mobile application. After configuring the MAXIMO system and the development of new functionalities for the SMART Mobile Suite mobile application, now the application makes possible to record measurements and register condition of assets. Moreover, utilizing the new application, field workers can send recorded parameters from the mobile application to the central asset management system.

Using the designed new work execution process and the associated development work, it is possible to improve work efficiency, make faster and simpler processes while staying cost efficient.


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