Low level control for a mobile robot

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Kálmán Viktor
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

As technology advances, it has been envisioned that in the near future, robotic systems will become part and parcel of our everyday lives. Even at the current stage of development, semi-autonomous or fully automated robots are already indispensable in a staggering number of applications, take a look at our electric power system or the control of transport. To bring forth a generation of truly autonomous and intelligent robotic systems that will meld effortlessly into the human society involves research and development on several levels, from robot perception, to control, to positioning systems.

During my work I review the control methods of a low level positioning, give an overview on the different hardwares that feed the control systems with appropriate data and measurement results, and examine the possibilities given by the robot platform.

In this paper I describe the achievement of the final control of the motor drive, the integration with the central positioning unit and the programming of the microcontrollers for future use of different actuators.

Finally, I represent the further tasks on the platform, on one hand the development of the position’s accuracy, on the other hand the enhancement of the microcontroller’s usage.


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