Motion planning for mobile robots in dynamic environment using the Rapidly Exploring Random Tree method

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Gincsainé Dr. Szádeczky-Kardoss Emese
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

We can generally say that one of the main tasks of mobile robots is to reach a goal position from a start position. As these robots are especially used in the industry, it’s necessary to grant the safety of the nearby equipment or other mobile devices. This is the reason why the robots’s movement must be designed in such a way that it avoids these obstacles.

During my thesis I have developed an algorithm, using two method, that are capable of motion planning with the help of the RRT (Rapidly Exploring Random Tree) roadsearch algorithm. It was implemented in the Matlab development environment.

In the first method, at first, I design the geometry of the path, which is avoiding the static obstacles, then I create the velocity profile, which is avoiding the dynamic obstacles. In the other method, I determine these during the runtime of RRT algorithm.

After the introduction of the theory and the realization of the two methods, I compare them on the basis of different view-points.

I have made pictures and records of the completed motion plannings, which can be found in the appropriate parts of the thesis in a shape of picture or hyperlink.


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