Design of microcontroller based mobile robot

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Dr. Iváncsy Szabolcs
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The continuous increase of the computational performance of our embedded systems and significant improvements in sensor technology have caused mobile robots to spread tremendously. Various means of vehicle propulsion are in use with different movement characteristic, therefore the possible usage scenarios of mobile robots have significantly widened.

In this MSc thesis paper, I chose the development of a complex mobile terrestrial robot. As a first step, I got familiar with the different terrestrial propulsion technologies, and chose the most optimal for the requirements of my task. The enhanced sensors, which were installed onto the mobile robot, enables it to observe and navigate in its environment and to implement crash avoidance. The main parts of the work in this thesis paper were the complete hardware design and implementation of the mobile robot, as well as the implementation of the embedded software with its essential control modules. The actual mechanical parts of the robot, for it goes beyond the means of a thesis paper, were not built as part of the thesis.

To ensure stable and straightforward interaction with the robot, a good-quality wireless connection is essential. Therefore, I developed a smartphone client application as part of the thesis paper, which enables users to remotely control the mobile robot, and perform diagnostics on it.


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