Implementing mobile phone specific functions in SAPUI5 applications

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

The goal of my dissertation is to show the development process and challenges of hybrid applications in corporate governance field. In my essay I will present the development of three application which will be able to run in a desktop browser and on a smart mobile device. The applications will display the data of the fictional enterprise’s employees and products and they will support the sorting, creating and tracking of daily tasks.

Before the planning and development the of the applications I researched the technologies that make the development of web applications possible for multiple platforms then from these technologies I got familiar with the hybrid mobile technologies provided by SAP.

Based on the research on the technologies I have determined fictional enterprise’s detailed functional needs for the applications. in a way so I can show during their development and testing the mobile module of the SAP UI5 client side JavaScript library. I created the database for the applications on the SAP HANA relational database management system which they can access from mobile devices. through the SMP (SAP Mobile Platform).For the web applications I made it available to access the mobile devices functions and information with the SAP Kapsel, the Cordova standard and my hand made Cordova modules. I integrated the modules in the web application in a way so they can be used in a desktop browser and on a mobile device with the same web-based source code.

After the documentation of the specification I present the steps of the implementation then I finish my thesis with experiences I got during the development and with the possibilities of further improvements.


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