Development of personal mobile assistant

OData support
Dr. Charaf Hassan
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The improvement of speech recognition systems opens up new possibilities for human-machine interface development. Besides convenience, speech based communication can make the life of visually impaired or disabled people much easier by letting them control there surroundings.

The mobile personal assistant is a portable, intelligent device, which can understand spoken commands from its users, and control the surrounding appliances accordingly. I implemented a demonstration of this concept, which is capable of controlling any traditional home appliance with infrared remote controller interface (eg. televisions, modern sound systems) based on spoken Hungarian words. The developed application can be run on most of the Android based smartphones, although it needs external systems for its operation. These systems are the speech recognition and speech synthesis solutions developed at the Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics, and a custom made hardware module for infrared control. The former ones are used through internet connection, the latter is used by bluetooth.

Documented measurements show that the application is able to perform its function. The voice commands are recognized with an acceptable reliability, the infrared control of the target appliances is robust.


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