Mobile application support for queuing systems

OData support
Dr. Mészáros Tamás
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

There is an ever growing demand on mobile applications: among others for educational, recreational and business purposes. Queuing systems are no exceptions either which gave the topic for my thesis work. My goal was to implement messaging applications cooperating with other products of Multimex Kft., which can be used in the decision-making procedure. These applications are built on client-server architecture.

The server-side application is implemented with JAVA technologies while I developed two client-side applications: one using C# for Windows Phones and other using JAVA for Android platforms. The server application, as part of the queuing system is able to create notifications and send those in XML format via Socket connection to the clients. In case of Windows Phone platform PushNotification service provides the ability to receive messages automatically. However, in case of the Android platform the client needs to pull data from the server with frequent queries.

Moreover, clients are able to visualize data regarding to recent waiting queue and actual state of services and workstations. This information is received via HTTP protocol from another server.

The implemented applications accomplish all objected goals and I plan to add more functionalities and features in the near future.


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