Challenges of infrastructure sharing in mobile telecommunication

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Paróczi Zsombor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Nowadays there is a growing demand for a modern mobile telecommunication service delivery with faster throughput, shorter latency and robust network which is available everywhere in the country. To achieve these goals, suppliers aim to develop their services to maximize their own profits and minimalize their operational and capital costs. Therefore the paper shows the current mobil telecommunication technologies by analyzing their economic and technological challanges, and discusses a network development question, which has gained importance worldwide in the last decade. Thus, the network infrasturcture sharing became relevant in Hungary as well since the two market leader operator started their cooperation within the same framework in 2015.

The long term evolution (LTE) is popular in both Europe and Hungary, therefore the European and the Hungarian service providers pay attention to developin and sharing LTE networks. For these reasons, the study primarly focuses on the mentioned technology, and offers a model by using a simulation-based research method.

The first chapter briefly summarizes the structure of the thesis and the research questions focusing on the problems arised in mobile telecommunication and their potential solving methods. The second chapter introduces the evolution of the cellular mobile networks. Thus, it describes the structure and the operation of the mobile networks in detail. The third chapter shows a comprehensive picture about network infrastrucutre sharing’s opporunities and challanges from both technical and economical point of views. The fourth chapter discusses a feasable plan and implementation of system with databases which can handle the data which come from the shared network. The author uses a significant amount of simulations to prove that the planned and implemented system is a real time system. Finally, the fifth chapter outlines the experiences gained during the research, and states the main conclusions of the study. It also shows some areas for further development.


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