Implementing and comparing mobile applications in native and cross-platform environment

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Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

In my thesis, I have pointed out the different phases and specialties of developing a mobile application. In my research I have introduced the features and different prospects of the native Android and the HTML5 platforms. In my work I have specially paid heed to the requirements of mobile application development in an enterprise environment. I have created a solution for a plausible enterprise task.

I have developed the above said application n native Android and HTML5 platforms also. To fulfill the enterprise requirements, I have reviewed, introduced and used some of the mobile products supplied by SAP. With the help of these products, I have been able to develop an application that is viable in an enterprise environment, it complies with all the strict requirements.

In both scenarios I have introduced the different parts of developing an application from the setup of the development environment, through the specialties of the programming languages to the different performance testing methods. While developing the two different solution, I have tried to understand and use the platform in a way, that it may be able to lead me to different conclusions about these systems.

I have presented the two finalized application. During the presentation, I have pointed out some of the planning decisions and solutions that were made or used during the development of these programs. After the development, I have compared the whole development tasks and I have specified my conclusions about the work on these platforms.

At the end of my work, I have specified some ways how to improve this study about mobile development.


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