Implementation of mobile application and webservice for supporting real-time data gathering

OData support
Dr. Forstner Bertalan
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

With their continuously growing market capitalization and technological advancements, nowadays we just can’t avoid mobile phones in the world of IT. Whether it’s about an internal tool, or a product, targeting customers all around the world, we can always leverage the capabilities of a mobile phone. Parallelly, both Internet of Things and Big Data became a vital part of our product development flow.

While the connection of these systems (data collection and aggregation based on sensors of a smart phone) seems like a logical next step, storing huge amount of data, or handling big number of clients can cause non-trivial challenges on server side. Because of this, not just client-side systems are getting more and more attention, but scalable, all around the world deployed backend applications as well.

As a fusion of these concepts, I set the goal of my MSc degree to plan and create a system which complies to the requirements of modern technologies and solves the above-mentioned challenges. My work includes the creation of a mobile application, which collects the data, a web application presenting the data and the server-side system which connects them together.


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