Harnessing Cloud Services in Mobile App Development

OData support
Simon Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In my thesis, I introduce the implementation of common features of typical web applications using a sample application. I work with modern cloud based background services. I implement the most common features that nearly all web applications provide. For example sending push notifications, monitoring, offline operations, etc. During the implementation of these tasks I use most often Microsoft services because of their very good integration opportunities. First of all I introduce the technologies I use, then I analyze them with the advantages and disadvantages. I put great emphasis on presenting the DevOps development process, summing up its advantages and disadvantages of traditional development. I show how I implement the DevOps process based on Microsoft's services. Next, I describe the problems that have occurred during the server-side implementation of the movie management application I have chosen for the demonstration. I detail the steps of the specific implementation. I represent the Android application which communicates with the server side. Finally, I summarize my experience about the technologies and the deavelopment process I used.


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